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at communities, including military communities, is the department of defense affected by this, too? >> that's absolutely right. among the agencies that are tasked with coming up with an analysis over the course of the next nine months is front and center the department of defense and housing and urban development and the epa and such. the d.o.d. is one of the focuses of the folks who are being asked to assess how climate change may impact their mission and what they do. >> so now there's an executive order, a task force for nine months, what happens next. >> the nine-month period is really interesting because it's widely expected to overlap the period of time where the obama administration is going to be pak making a decision on the keystone pipeline out of canada which is an issue that the canadians want approved and the environmental community has rallied against. so for the obama administration, the timetable of this is going to overlap or coincide very likely with that decision. so a lot of what happens over the next nine months may be political, who is joining the task force, what are
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)